Stop Losing Residents and Know How The Web Views Your Apartment

With instant access to every renting opportunity available on the internet and today’s tech savvy renter, appealing to the prospective resident is critical. However, there are many distracting words on-line that are hurting your apartment’s leasing success.

90% of potential apartment residents search for an apartment on-line prior to visiting and renting. During this search, these potential residents view current and past resident’s reviews posted on social networks such as Google and Facebook. It is extremely important to know how your apartment is viewed on-line. There is a great free resource to do this at

Currently, property management companies are not properly managing their on-line profiles and actively obtaining positive reviews from their satisfied customers. In today’s social media world, only the bad reviews get posted on-line. APT Reputation has created a system for managers to capture positive reviews from their residents and know instantly when a bad review has been posted on anywhere on-line. The manager can then contact the resident that posted the negative review and solve their issue at the request the disgruntled resident remove the negative review.

APT Reputation offers its clients with a real time reputation management dashboard for the property management team to monitor social media, web traffic and reviews. Additionally, providing an aggregate dashboard for owners and regional managers to view a portfolio of properties in one screen view. This active monitoring system allows for property managers and regional managers understand the effects of on-line reviews on occupancy and rent growth.

To an owner or manager, understanding what the on-line world is viewing about your property is critical to your success. Don’t allow negative reviews to hinder your occupancy and cause you to lose money. Find out your apartment’s reputation score and get control over your reputation.

Published on Feb 12, 2016 | Under Service | By Freniko
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