Choosing Quality American Flag For New Home

american flagsA flag unites the country and makes the people feel a sense of unity with each other. Similarly American flag have deep rooted history and stands all year round at most public places and commercial buildings. However, its use become rampant on civic holidays like President’s Day, Independence Day, Flag Day and others.


When it comes to choose flags, you need to see whether you need them for indoor or outdoor use. Outdoor Flags is easily used indoors while indoor flags are typically made of fragile materials, not meant for outdoor use. Besides, indoor flags have further ornamental decorations .This types of flags are used in homes.

Choosing the right material for the flag can assure longer lifespan. The common fabrics used for making flags are cotton, nylon, and polyester.

As per the norms set by the United States government, cotton is the preferred choice for the fabric to be used for custom flags because it isn’t only economical but great for both indoor and outdoor usage. Further, they have laid down the kind of cotton fabric to be used. On the contrary, if you’re looking for durable flags that can last longer once used outdoors, then polyester is the fabric that you should select.


The size of the American flag depends on its use. For government or commercial purpose, big flags are the norm whereas for residential use the flag size range is 3″*5″. When you attach a flag to a pole the length of the flag are one third to one quarter of its height.

Nowadays people are conscious about environment. For you to be able to view a full range of American flags or if you are thinking where to buy flags then you can always search online and place an orderĀ on depending on your choice and liking. You can choose quality American flags which available. They also provide quality flagpoles and patriotic decorations. You’ll be able to use this indoor as well as for outdoor use.

Published on Feb 18, 2015 | Under Homes | By Freniko
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