Belize Property and Real Estate Investment

belize homeAn increasing number of retirees and to be retirees from America, Canada and England are relocating to retire in Belize for a relaxed life. Belize is becoming a hotspot for foreign investors, retirees and businesses as the economy is booming and has huge potential. One of the reasons why retirees select Belize is as a result of its warm and comfortable weather throughout the year that is good for the ageing bones.

Since the splurge of foreigners in Belize, coming in to settle post retirement, the real estate business has taken a hike too. Home builders and realty firms have a large number of lots and properties for sale in Belize. These are popular amongst foreigners as they’re affordable and inexpensive. Beach frontage properties are slightly high priced, but give a beautiful view of the ocean which can be simply what you need as a treat every morning.

These properties are also located strategically, as there are small markets close by for families to buy grocery and local food. The local food mainly consists of beans and rice that is very cheap and available at street kiosks.

Investing in Belize and buying property in this country may be advantageous as this is a booming economy, the value of living is affordable, the individuals are friendly and as of now, there aren’t too several tax duties and rules that would stall the process of relocating or doing business.

For retirees, the country has an incentive program too, that exempts retirees from many taxes and import duties. This is also another reason why this country is one of the hottest favorites amongst retirees. With of these amazing benefits and a lot of, Belize has become a haven for retirees WHO need to relax and enjoy a stress free life with their loved ones.

Published on Feb 2, 2015 | Under Real Estate | By Freniko
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